julho 03, 2016


Fotografia Quirks of a Flower
Photography Quirks of a Flower

Vestido: Oysho | Camisa e Ténis: Vintage
Dress: Oysho / Shirt and Sneakers: Vintage

As summer starts, I get more and more lazy when it comes to get dressed, it's too hot to move and even more to get dressed. When the sun is out, the better thing to do is stay outside all day. You spend more time outside your house than inside, with your friends, a icy drink in your hand watching sunsets. That's the beauty of summer. For those days, I choose simple and flowy garments, that make me feel fresh and comfortable, I tie my hair in a messy bun and I'm ready to go, In one word: Effortless. 


4 comentários:

  1. O look resultou mesmo bem! Adoro este tipo de peças mais flowy e que se podem combinar com t-shirts e camisas!

    Lena's Petals xx

  2. adoro esta tendência de se usar um vestido com alças por cima de uma tshirt ou camisa, fica-te mesmo bem!

    Moi by Inês


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